Synergy SKY PostGreSQL Database

The PostGreSQL database structure bring the family of Synergy SKY products together. Not only does it improve theperformance and reliability of the Synergy SKY products, but it improves the detection & processing of meetings. This database type stores historic meeting information that allows for better post sales support as well as the ability for the family of products from Synergy SKY to communicate together in unison.​

By default, PostGreSQL is installed with the following database connection details:

Port: 5432

Username: postgres

password: postgres

Database name: synergyskydb

The database username or password can be changed through the PostGreSQL administration console or any other preferred database management tool. If any of these valued are changed, these will also have to be updated in the config.json file that can be located in the path - C:\SynergySKY\SynergySKYEnterpriseScheduling\config\ of your Synergy JOIN installation.

Allowing Synergy CONTROL & Synergy ANALYZE access to the Synergy JOIN database

Browse to the folder: C:\SynergySKY\SynergySKYEnterpriseScheduling\pqsqldb
Open the file ‘postgresql.conf

Uncomment and Change the following lines to the below:

Note: To uncomment a line, you have to remove the '#' at the beginning of that line


listen_addresses = '*'

This will allow the PostGreSQL to listen for outside connections.

Browse to the folder: C:\SynergySKY\SynergySKYEnterpriseScheduling\pgsqldb
Open the file pg_hba.conf‘.

host all all scram-sha-256

You have to replace with the IP Address and IP Address range that your servers reside in.e.g.

This will allow the PostGreSQL database to accept connections from addresses within the specified range. For increased security, the IP Address of the CONTROL and ANALYZE servers can be specified here using the following format