Synergy SKY High Availability

The Synergy JOIN High availability method works in a publish and subscribe method. The Primary Server is configured as a publisher to the Secondary Server. The Secondary server is then configured as a subscriber of the content that is being published by the Primary Server.

The below guide provides you with the steps to create the publication from the Primary Server to the Secondary Server for the PostGreSQL database.
The second part of the guide provides the steps you have to follow in case you have to failover from the Primary Server to the Seconday Server.

Only one instance of the JOIN service should be running at any given point in time

• JOIN 4.0.290+ on Primary and Secondary server

• Run backup on Primary server of C:\SynergySky

• – extracted and placed in folder 'C:\SynergySky (C:\SynergySky\JOIN_HA_FilePackage'

• Network access between Primary and Secondary server on port 5432

• copy config.json from Primary server to Secondary - C:\SynergySKY\SynergySKYEnterpriseScheduling\config

A simpler backup method that is available would be to run a database export. The database export takes a snapshot of the database and this export can be imported to the Secondary database at any time. The steps to carry out the backup are explained below.