Synergy Manage 4.15 Release Notes


New features and improvements in 4.15

Feature Type Description
Meeting Portal: Concierge function added Enable the concierge function to capture extra information when the user creates a meeting.
Call Processing: Match Call Control calls using regex You can apply regexes to match any calls that have failed to match using any of the standard uris in the MANAGE system. This only applies to call control calls - not conferences
Wed Admin: View all scheduled reports You are now able to view the Scheduled Reports for all users in web admin.

Resolved issues in 4.15

Bug ID Description
683 Meeting Portal: End now function sometimes set the end time incorrectly, which caused an error on the My Meetings calendar screen.
681 Meeting Portal: Meeting Templates end time was not working properly and causing an error.
680 Meeting Portal: Rich Text descriptions in meetings were causing problems with plain text view in emails.
679 Call Processing: Some Pexip disconnect events were not being handled correctly causing a backlog or calls.
678 Meeting Portal: Allow VMRs to be provisioned 15 minutes before the start of a meeting.
677 Conference Control: VMR Cache length has been reduced to show new VMRs.
674 Meeting Portal: Meeting Portal API was not returning all required meetings for entities.
672 Meeting Portal: If a dial out failed due to network issues, it will retry it.
671 Meeting Portal: Reuing call ids logic improved to prevent duplicates happening.
669 Meeting Portal: Save button was misaligned when you had too many participants.
668 Meeting Portal: Roster was not lining up is server had no font styling.
667 Conference Control: Video Tx Packet Loss was not reporting correctly.
666 Reporting: Graph labels and axis sometimes had squares appended.
663 Provisioning Emails: Carriage returns in the subject caused problems.
662 Meeting Portal: Dial out addresses were hardcoded to SIP. Pexip now supports other protocols, but CMS can only support SIP.
661 Provisioning: Pexip authentication boxes were not being ticked, so you couldn't log into Pexip client.
622 Configuration Templates: The buttons on the Configuration Template screens were not always shown/hidden correctly.
574 Provisioning: Call Leg Limits on CMS Defaults were not working as expected.
558 Call Processing: Pexip lobby calls were not being handled correctly.
492 Call Processing: 'Pexip Media Stream Destroyed' CDRs were not being handled correctly.
341 Call Processing: Pexip Skype calls were not using the correct protocol.
215 Provisioning: Deleting users was not deprovisioning VMRs correctly.