Synergy CONTROL 1.0 Release Notes

This is the initial release thus the notes below highlight the main features of Synergy CONTROL.


New Features in 1.0

Feature Name Description
View Active Meetings

View active meetings (scheduled/ad-hoc) that are currently hosted on either a Cisco CMS or Pexip Infinity infrastructure.

View Scheduled Meetings View any pre-scheduled meetings that were booked with Google GSuite or Microsoft O365/Exchange. (Synergy JOIN integration required)
White Glove Meeting Control Add/Remove meeting participants, mute audio and video participants and lock meeting.
Operator Favorites Tag meetings to allow for operators to isolate meetings they want to focus on.
People Count Identify how many participants are in a specific location. (Only available for endpoints with people-counter technology).
Meeting Support Allow operator to quickly find a meeting by querying the environment with Meeting name, status, participant details or date range.
Cluster Support Supports Cisco Meeting Server Clusters (CMS)