Polycom EWS Emulator

There are instances when the Polycom Endpoint is unable to communicate with the Exchange Server and as such, the endpoint is unable to use the built in Polycom Click To Join technology. The EWS emulator within Synergy JOIN brings back the ability to utilize the Polycom Click To Join technology on your Polycom Endpoints.

The EWS Emulator is compatible with the HDX, Group Series and Trio endpoints.

Configuring Synergy JOIN

The Polycom Exchange Web Service (EWS) Emulator in Synergy JOIN acts as an Exchange Web Server. This means Synergy JOIN will retrieve the calendar information from exchange and populate this to the endpoint.
Within Synergy JOIN you have to Enable the EWS Emulator from the Services tab.

You have to then configure your Video System as a Polycom endpoint. Once you do this, Synergy JOIN will know to send the Polycom Click To Join Token to that endpoint.


Configuring the HDX and Group Series Polycom Endpoint

The Polycom endpoints must be configured to poll calendar information from the JOIN server which will be acting as an Exchange Web Server.

Instructions on how to configure this on a Polycom Group Series endpoint are below:

  1. Navigate to the Calendaring Service configuration section within your Polycom Codec.
  2. Tick the 'Enable Calendaring Service' tick box
  3. Email: This should be the room/ resource email address that you have configured within Synergy JOIN.
  4. Domain: This field is not always required. If you are unable to register your endpoint to the EWS Emulator with this field blank, you will have to enter your domain
  5. User Name: This should be the room/ resource email address
  6. Password: This is the password configured in the 'EWS Emulation' section in the 'Services' tab of Synergy JOIN
  7. Microsoft Exchange Server: This is the IP address of the JOIN server

Once you have configured the rest of the settings to your liking, click 'Save'

When the Registration Status is 'Registered', you can start booking video meetings and start utilizing Polycom Click To Join.


Configuring the Trio Series Polycom Endpoint

You have to meet the following requirements in order to start using the EWS Emulator with Polycom Trio

  • You have to be running Synergy JOIN build 3.2.163 or above
  • You have to tick the 'Enable Basic Authentication for EWS Emulator' within the Services tab in Synergy JOIN
  • The Trio has to have a line registered as SIP
  • You have to have physical access to the touch panel to set a username & password
  • If you are running 5.9 firmware, AD Photo fetch needs to be disabled.
    • feature.contactPhotoIntegration.enabled = 0

    • More information about this can be found here - https://documents.polycom.com/bundle/trio-sfb-dg-5-9-0-AA/page/c3189620.html

Setting a Polycom Profile

The following setup information has been taken from the Polycom support website. The below configuration is what is required in order for the EWS Emulator to work with the Trio.
The full Polycom documentation can be found here: https://otd.plcm.vc/support/docs/devices/polycom-trio#configure-device-profile

Configure Device Profile

  1. Go to the management section of the device. You can get there by entering the IP address of the device into the browser address.
    : You must log in as an administrator.
  2. Select Simple Setup from the tab menu.
  3. Ensure Generic is selected for the Base Profile. The Trio will not function with One Touch Dial service using the other profile options.

Configure Device Calendaring

  1. Go to the management section of the device. You can get there by entering the IP address of the device into the browser address. Note: You must log in as an administrator.
    Example: https://<ip-address-of-trio>/
  2. Select Settings > Applications > Exchange Applications.
  3. Enter the following fields:
    • Enable: Exchange Calendar
    • Disable: AutoDiscover
    • Exchange Server URL: https://ipaddressofjoin/EWS/Exchange.asmx
      • NOTE: Exchange URL is case sensetive
  4. Click Save.

Configure Device Credentials

  1. Provide calendaring credentials. This must be done on the device itself.
  2. On the device touch panel go to Settings > Basic > Login Credentials.
  3. Enter the following fields:
    • Domain: Example OTD
    • Username: Example roomname@company.com
      • This is the room alias as it is configured in JOIN
    • Password: Example F3kDFyu1bD
      • This is the JOIN EWS Emulator password

  4. Click Save. The Registration Status should display Registered and the calendar should appear in a few seconds.