Polycom EWS Emulator


The Polycom Exchange Web Service (EWS) Emulator in Synergy JOIN acts as an Exchange Web Server.

There are instances when the Polycom Endpoint is unable to communicate with the Exchange Server and as such, the endpoint is unable to use the built in Polycom Click To Join technology. The EWS emulator within Synergy JOIN brings back the ability to utilize the Polycom Click To Join technology on your Polycom Ednpoints.

The EWS Emulator is compatible with the HDX and Group Series endpoints. Support for the Trio codec is currently under production.


The Polycom endpoints must be configured to poll calendar information from the JOIN server which will be acting as an Exchange Web Server.

Instructions on how to configure this on a Polycom Group Series endpoint are below:

  1. Navigate to the Calendaring Service configuration section within your Polycom Codec.
  2. Tick the 'Enable Calendaring Service' tick box
  3. Email: This should be the room/ resource email address that you have configured within Synergy JOIN.
  4. Domain: This field is not always required. If you are unable to register your endpoint to the EWS Emulator with this field blank, you will have to enter your domain
  5. User Name: This should be the service account configured in the 'General Settings' tab of Synergy JOIN
  6. Password: This is the password configured in the 'EWS Emulation' section in the 'Services' tab of Synergy JOIN
  7. Microsoft Exchange Server: This is the IP address of the JOIN server

Once you have configured the rest of the settings to your liking, click 'Save'


Once your endpoint is registered, you can start booking video meetings and start utilizing Polycom Click To Join.