Synergy SKY Support Portal

Installation Guides, Administration Guides and Release Notes for all Synergy SKY Software products

    Synergy JOIN allows anyone to create video meetings in Outlook or Google Calendar without plug-ins and to join meetings with ‘one-click’ from video systems, mobile or browsers - regardless of vendor

    Latest Product Version 4.0. 287

    Release Date - 31st January 2020

    Synergy CONTROL gives administrators full control of ongoing and upcoming video and audio conferences. It allows administrators to add/remove participants and video rooms as well as mute/unmute participants and more



    Latest Product Version 2.2

    Release Date - 3rd February 2020

    Synergy ANALYZE is a seamless multi vendor analytics consolidater. It allows Admins to track a meeting from Skype through Acano / Pexip to video endpoint and can be delivered as appliance or SW




    Latest Product Version 2.0

    Release Date - 1st October 2018

    Synergy MANAGE is a comprehensive, multi-vendor, multi-tenant toolkit for providers of Video Conferencing Services. Ideal for Service Providers and is able to provide Provisioning, Monitoring, User and Service Administration and more

    Latest Product Version 5.0

    Release Date - 28th October 2019