Download and import the .ova image file:

Username: synergyftp

Password: getapps


Configuring the Installation

After powering on the VM, you’ll be presented with the login screen:

Log in using the default credentials,

Username: admin

Password: SynergySkyWord01


Once you have logged in, you will be presented with the Configuration Menu

Proceed with the following steps:

  • Configure the IP address unless you want to use DHCP(default)
  • Change the Hostname
  • Enter your license-key
  • Change the admin password
  • Restart the server


Finalize the deployment

Check that you can log into the WebUI using the default credentials:

Username: admin@localhost

Password: Newpassword6



Once you are logged on, you will be presented with the 'Getting Started Wizard'


In order to proceed with the configuration, please refer to the Configuration Guide